“Now that our opening is around the corner I wanted to let you know of the great work R3 Builders has been doing, and the extensive mill shop (West Coast Fixtures) that they have. I can’t recommend them enough for their follow through and quality work.”

18|8 Fine Men's Salon, Samer Alami, Owner

“I like to start working with R3 Builders early on in a project; they’re great at understanding what I’m trying to achieve from a design perspective, while still helping the client stay within their budget goals.

R3 Builders is great at problem-solving. They willingly adjust to changing project requirements on the fly, without complaint. They have great attitudes, and they are always looking out for our client’s best interests.”

Jim Maxwell


“R3 Builders is an honest contractor, which is hard to come by these days. I can always count on them to get the job done on time and within budget. They’ve been willing to help out on projects of all sizes, and always provide a number of options to choose from. They’re definately one of my go-to contractors.”

Brian Kriz

Weingarten Realty

“As a home theater contractor, we needed to work directly with the electrician on the construction of our showroom. R3 Builders expertly managed the relationship with all the subcontractors, while still giving us the access we needed.”

Scott Marcoly

Cavalti Home Theater

“R3 Builders is outstanding. Whenever I need something done, I pick up the phone and they take care of it. They’re a great team, very professional and timely, and they work well with others. Quite frankly, they make my life a whole lot easier.”

Rob Newman


“We wanted to create a unique environment. A Wood chandelier illuminates the bar space. It is made of reclaimed wine barrels. The fixtures were designed by our architect, Jim Maxwell, and executed by our builder, R3 Builders.”

Merilee McCormick

Owner, The Cooperage American Grille, Lafayette, CA

“The space has been revamped entirely! Cobalt blue glass bottles hanging from the ceiling serve as funky and functional mood lighting, and the seating is plush and comfortable. The bar and lounge area is beautifully modern without screaming ultralounge, which is something to be said in today’s evolving restaurant world.”

Michelle Rizzi

The Examiner

“Professionalism is the first word that comes to mind when I talk about R3. No matter what they’re dealing with or whom – subcontractors, owners, or vendors – they’re always professional and organized.”

Kelly Lawrence

Sonic Corporation

“R3 Builders exceeded our expectations. We had a vision for our new office space, and they really went above and beyond. Even little things, like the logos on our conference room windows, turned out so much nicer than I imagined.”


The Board Dudes

“The new DOSA on Fillmore Street is a stunning space, which we couldn’t have accomplished without the expert help of R3 Builders. Their professionalism and responsiveness enabled us to get the project done amid regulatory and construction challenges, while on a very tight schedule that had multiple outside dependencies. I would definitely recommend R3 Builders to anyone and will use them again for my next project.

When we began the project of creating the new DOSA on Fillmore Street, we encountered a number of challenges in renovating an old building, using recycled materials and green construction practices. R3 Builders worked hand-in-hand with the city redevelopment agency, PG&E, and others to make this project a success. We are absolutely thrilled with the result!

In hindsight, one of the best decisions we made when we were building DOSA on Fillmore Street was to choose to R3 Builders to build and manage the project for us. They also helped designed some of our interior woodwork. Our vision was to create a unique and beautiful restaurant that was green, energy-efficient and had a low environmental impact. With the expert help and guidance of R3 Builders, we not only got exactly what we hoped for, but we also opened according to plan!”

Anjan Mitra

Owner, Dosa on Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

“We had a very strict timeline on our project – from the day we took ownership to opening day was 4 months. During that time, a lot of unexpected things came up, but R3 Builders was completely on top of it. They were great communicators and helped us make the tough decisions along the way. Ultimately, they helped us stick to our timeline and our budget. We’re really happy with how it worked out.”

Don Davis

Owner, Bin 38 San Francisco, CA

“I hired R3 Builders to build a new location for Paxti’s Pizza – it was a raw shell, to be built from the ground up. R3 Builders helped us value-engineer the construction, coming up with unique and creative ways of accomplish the same goal using less expensive methods. I would highly recommend them to anyone else.

As a contractor who has worked on multiple building projects myself, I know a good contractor when I find one – and R3 Builders met and exceeded my standards. They were incredibly professional throughout the project, and did a great job managing the site. Rick and Barry made sure everything was satisfactory from start to finish.”

William (Bill) Freeman

Owner, Patxi's Chicago Pizza & Bar, Lafayette, CA

“I’ve worked with R3 Builders on two different projects thus far, and I can’t say enough good things about them – they’re incredibly personable, very experienced, and totally on top of their game. They understand all the realities of a construction project – from permits to materials to timing – and it’s wonderful to work with a team that is so professional.

R3 Builders is a great asset for a small business. They’re great at taking an architect’s concept and turning it into reality, and their attention to detail is fantastic. They helped us strategize and troubleshoot, and stayed focused on quality throughout the project.

As a small business owner, I appreciate the fact that R3 Builders is always conscious of my budget. They understand the difficulties of this economic climate, and have worked with me to accommodate my vision and my budget. Everyone at R3 – Rick, Barry, and the entire team – is really great.”

James Schenk

Owner, Pisco Latin Lounge, San Francisco, CA